KantarPlus Cloud

KantarPlus Cloud
KantarPlus Cloud
Our software, which stores all your data in Microsoft SQL Server database, also works in integration with Tesislerim Cloud, if you rent the Tesislerim Cloud system annually, backing up all your data so that you are not affected by problems such as computer crash, hard disk corruption, virus infection.
Our system is kept up-to-date and flexible by making continuous updates in the structure in line with the requests from our customers. In the weighbridge system, special requests can be evaluated separately and added to the application. For this, contact our sales team or fill in the contact form and we will call you.

It supports all weighbridge models.
Optional in the program;

Weighbridge software has a structure that includes Order Fulfillment, Concrete Plant Automation Integration modules in addition to its standard structure. In this way, you can only buy or sell with the order system and control the weight of the concrete produced by your concrete plant.

If Testislerim Cloud structure is used, definitions such as current, material, vehicle, scale user are uploaded to the automatic system in all scales.

There is an despatch note integration in the system. Goods purchases and sales can be made with the despatch note module.

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