Plant Center Monitoring System

Plant Center Monitoring System
Plant Center Monitoring System
Today, concrete producers who want to monitor and manage their facilities have to deal with many infrastructural problems in order to monitor their systems centrally, and they need serious investments to solve these infrastructure problems. One of these problems is the requirement that the automation systems be the same brand. You can manage your automation according to the features of your automation system, regardless of brand and model, with our company's software Tesislerim Cloud ile My Tesislerim Cloud Cloud product.

-I don't have a fixed ip address
- I do not want to buy servers for construction sites and make automation changes.
-I want to transfer my packing slips to the accounting program
-If you say I need e-dispatch and ebis system but I cannot reach the concrete automation company or they cannot offer this system in a new version ...
If all your automations have SQL database (Firebird, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MySQL) and you want to monitor and manage your concrete plants, fuel system and scales from tablet, mobile phone or anywhere in the world

We have your solution. The minimum you need is to have a computer with Windows 7 and above and to have an internet connection even if it is plug and play internet. If your construction site is not in a central location, it is enough to take advantage of the service offered by mobile modem GSM operators.

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