Fuel Automation

Fuel Automation
You can monitor and manage the fuel you use within the company with this system.
You can now make your calculations of your fuel usage much easier.
Nowadays, it has become important to control cost increases and production expenses. In order to be one step ahead of your competitors, especially in regions where competition is high, it is essential to prepare healthy follow-up and reports regarding the expense items at your construction site.

Especially in construction sites, fuel is one of the biggest expense items, so it will be in your company's interest to use fuel automation for accurate reporting of fuel consumption. In addition to your monthly consumption, the cost of the system you will install will exceed the benefits it provides you, it has been seen many times in our previous studies.

With Tesislerim Cloud System, you can monitor and manage your instant consumption on http://www.tesislerim.com or from your mobile phone.

1. You can get the number of trips of your vehicles and get reports that rate them with the amount of usage.

2. You can get instant, daily and monthly fuel usage information, as well as the average usage (Liter / km) (m3/liter).

3. TTS (vehicle recognition system) can be installed in your vehicles. You can have your drivers do the fuel purchases.

4. It can also define a digital pump switch for your guest vehicles. You can provide fuel to guest vehicles.

5. You can enter the vehicle mileage information through automation, ensure that fuel is not supplied when the wrong km information is entered, and at the same time, you can automatically get the km information from your vehicle tracking system.

Apart from the cases mentioned above, we host many more features in our system. Today, we offer the rapidly developing technological tools for your use so that you can get more accurate and instant reporting, and we present them to you, our valued customers, by reflecting the most innovative ideas to our system with the updates we make constantly.