What is cloud technology?

What is cloud technology?
What is cloud technology?
The large size of data such as documents, images and videos that people use both in their private lives and work environments makes it difficult to store them on computers, phones or tablets. Providing access to data anywhere, anytime, cloud technology offers a fast and easy solution to this problem. Cloud computing, which does not require any installation, provides online storage services through web-based applications.
  • Cost savings: Performing data processing studies over the cloud; It reduces costs by eliminating investment expenses such as data center establishment, hardware and software purchasing, and infrastructure costs.
  • Speed: The ability to access, install and use information processing resources within minutes provides an advantage for enterprises in terms of capacity planning, flexibility and speed.
  • Global flexibility: The ability to access BT resources such as computing power, storage and bandwidth at any time, regardless of geographic location and time, provides flexible scaling in a global sense.
  • Productivity: By removing the need for an in-house data center, cloud technology provides efficiency in terms of time and performance by enabling employees to focus on more important business goals.
  • Performance: It provides advantages in terms of speed, efficiency and performance, such as low network latency and economical scaling, thanks to the fact that data processing services operate in a worldwide network of data centers and the hardware is used in the latest version.
  • Reliability: Thanks to the multiple redundancy of computing data on the cloud provider's network, data recovery and business continuity are made easy in critical situations.
  • Security: Your data, applications and infrastructure are secured against potential threats thanks to the strong principles of the cloud provider, the technology and controls it uses.
  • Data recovery: While data may be lost as a result of malfunctions in devices such as computers, phones or tablets, when data is stored with cloud computing, information is not lost and access is possible again.
  • Privacy: With the access feature on cloud platforms, your information cannot be viewed by third parties unless you allow it. It is also possible to select only the people you want in file sharing.
  • Editing: With the preview feature available in cloud systems, you can read files without downloading them and arrange them as you wish.
  • Access: As long as you have an internet connection, you can access your data in the cloud computing service application without interruption.
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